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When Bigger isn’t Better: Understanding and Using Small portable Exhibits

Thanks to Chris Harmen

There is a common misconception among exhibitors that only large trade show exhibits can be impressive to visitors. Although large displays may have an advantage simply because they are easier to find due to their larger size, small portable exhibits and banner stands can have just as strong an impact. The key is to understand the space you have and create the optimum presentation within that space.

When To Use Small Trade Show Exhibits

Limited display space is not the only reason why companies would choose a small display, although it is the most obvious reason. For the most part, however, companies rarely find themselves constrained by a space limitation at conventions. There are two common booth sizes: the eight-foot by eight-foot and the ten-foot by ten-foot. Most major conventions utilize these sizes, at least within their standard booth spaces. Some may offer an area specifically targeted at mobile or table top displays; however, any area on the event floor is generally going to conform to these standards.

Because of that standardization, most cases where a smaller booth would be preferable are not quite so obvious. These are situations where a larger booth could be used, but a smaller one (or series of smaller ones) can offer a sincere advantage.

Questions To Ask Before Sizing Portable Exhibits

If you are not facing an obvious size constraint, you’ll need to do a slightly more complex analysis to determine whether or not you should consider smaller units. The first question to consider is your budget. If you are trying to cut back on expenses, you might want to look at less costly options, meaning smaller trade show exhibits. Not every style will be inexpensive because it is small, but mobile displays are likely to be less expensive on the whole when compared with larger units of the same style.

If money is not an issue, then you should consider the overall presentation of your product. If you are launching or promoting multiple products, then having many smaller displays can be a major advantage. Instead of trying to unite one larger booth to present a comprehensive picture of your stock, you can simply have small sections that individually promote one of the products. Combine them, and you have a strong display that looks good.

Tailor Everything, From Banner Stands To Booths, To Your Unique Situation

There are many other unique situations where a multitude of smaller units might be beneficial. It is impossible to make a comprehensive list here, but just considering the matter carefully when you set out to design new trade show exhibits should be enough. If you find yourself thinking about the impact of a single smaller display, or considering including banner stands around a sparse display, you should go with your instincts and investigate what a smaller display could do for you.

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